Week 24 MKMMA– Success Begins

This Master Keys journey has been six months packed with learning, comradery, and a lot of hard work!  But as it comes to an end, the rest of our life begins.  Because we have been given the tools, all we have to do is put these tools to work for us and keep practicing all the good habits we have learned to substitute for the bad habits we started out with, to have all the success we always dreamed of having.

One of the first things we learned was to keep our promises.  I promise that I will keep reviewing the MANY things we have covered and continue to use the multitude of tools we have been given to continue to grow and I WILL achieve success in my life and my business.

As my business succeeds, I would like to also be involved in some way with the next class as a mentor or in some other capacity.  I really think this is that important.  We all need to pay it forward and help someone else see what we now see.  That we all have it in us to succeed.  We just need help bringing it out of ourselves.  This course that Mark J has put together is it!

I always keep my promises!

Steve Frizzell



Week 23 MKMMA– An End, A Commencement, and Better things Ahead!

We are coming to the end of our six-month Master Keys course, but like coming to the end of  High School or College, it is not really an ending.  It is a beginning!  When we graduated High School or College we had a “commencement ceremony”.  Commencement means the beginning of something.  In this case it is the beginning of the rest of my life.

I have come to understand that if we want to change for the better, we must change our habits and our way of thinking.  In fact, we become what we think about!  If we think about positive things, we will get positive results and become more positive individuals.

As a result of this, I have developed a healthier attitude toward things I previously was hesitant to do, even though I knew that I had to do these things in order to have success in my business and my life.  I can now see the way I want my life to be actually having a chance of coming to pass!  Before, I was stuck in the quagmire of my own making and it was doing nothing but dragging me down!

We have been given all the tools we need to better ourselves.  After “commencement” I promise to keep going over these things that we learned, and learn them even better.  I will use these tools to make myself a better MLMer and help many people better themselves through our MLM business.  As my confidence grows (and my business) I will be able to reach out to the community and help even more people in many other ways.

As a result of this course, I see a bright future ahead for myself, my business and a whole lot of other people!  Thank you, Mark J!!!

Steve Frizzell

Week 22a MKMMA– Dragons Down!

I have thought long and hard this week about where I am in my life and my business.  I have been fighting dragons that have positioned themselves directly between me and my DMP, my business success.  These last few days, I have turned strictly to defeating these dragons with my positive thoughts.

I have defeated the phone dragon and made calls.  Some were productive and some not, but I got past the dragon and made calls.  Also being pushed aside (amazingly, easier than the phone dragon) are the dragons trying to keep me from talking to prospects.  I was able to easily break into conversations with acquainances at the mall and work the conversation to talking up my business.  Dragons have been slain!  Plans are being made for a big party soon!

Now I can get back to concentrating on the last few weeks of this journey we are on. As the course comes to a close, I know that it will be the beginning of a new life for us.  We will always have Scriptures, Haanel, Campbell, the scrolls and everything Mark, Davene, Trish, Heather and the rest of the staff have taught us through the experiences they brought us through over the past five months to keep us on the right path going forward.

We have successfully defeated our old blueprints and made the transition to our true selves.

Steve Frizzell

Week 22 MKMMA–The Abyss



This Master Keys course has definitely become a heroes journey for me.  Really it is for all of us, but for me for sure!  I can tell because I seem to be temporarily stuck in the ABYSS where death and rebirth must happen so that we can move on.  I’m stuck because I have yet to accomplish the death of my old blueprint.  The old blueprint must be destroyed in order for the new me to be reborn and continue the journey.

Once I can accomplish this, I will emerge victorious and I will conquer the phone monster and all the other monsters standing between me and my transformation into the me I was always meant to be.

I see me finishing the journey and leading many others on their own heroes journeys.  The first trip has been easy at times and at times like this right now, it seems very difficult.  The more times I mentor another hero through the trip, the easier it will get.  I look forward to that!

In the mean time, a little more reading, sitting, card flashing and concentrating on the job at hand (slaying the old blueprint) and I’ll be on my way to success!

Steve Frizzell 

Week 21 MKMMA– Turn the Negatives into Positives

This week I have been contemplating the question of the week, “How can we use fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt and/or unworthiness as tools for positive results?”  I think I know the answer, but I’m having a little trouble putting it into practice.  Here is what I posted in the “Tools for Expansion” area:

“I think we can make fear and the others on the list work FOR us instead of against us by training the brain to recognize the chemical reaction to fear as the same as the chemical reaction to happyness or ecstasy. I may not be able to express it properly, but I think that has been the point to all the things we have been doing in this class to reprogram our blueprints. Am I right?”

And Mark posted an answer:

“Your on the cusp Steve….you’ve got the ingreditents…..now bring it home baby!”

But I’m having trouble “bringing it home”.  In the week since the convention where I was so “pumped up” the fear of the phone took over again.  In theory I need to take those fear peptides in my brain, turn them into “excitement peptides” and go out and sponsor a dozen or so associates and 10-15 customers in the next couple weeks, right?  I’m feeling anger, guilt and fear of loss.  That’s a lot of peptides to turn around!

Well, my goal for this week is to do just that (turn the peptides around) and let the results be whatever they are. I’m putting it into high gear and going for it!

Wish me luck! And also, maybe the answer to the big question of the week will hit me as I’m putting my theory into practice.

Steve Frizzell

Week 20 MKMMA– Building Toward the Convention

I finally brought my wife home last weekend!  This week since then has been a constant build-up of excitement in anticipation of my company’s annual National Convention this weekend.  I was late with my blog comments this past week and now my blog post is earlier than normal this week because I will be at the convention all of Friday and Saturday.

We always have exciting announcements at the convention, but this one promises new changes and products that will revolutionize our business model and expand our territory nationwide and eventually worldwide.

This has me so wound up, it’s hard to think about anything else at the moment.  All I can say is that as I take in all the new information, I will be thinking about how my training the past 6 months in the MKMMA course will appy to my business and vice versa.  

The next two days will be a huge whirlwind of information, much like the past 6 months have been and I will come out of it strong and ready to build my business going forward.  I am confident that I can, and I give myself permission to build a strong organization in the next few months and beyond!

See you Sunday!

Steve Frizzell

Week 19 MKMMA– Highs & Lows

This week I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to write about, but to make sure I get it done on time I’m just going with the highs and lows of the week.

It started Friday when I got to meet one of my (normally) long distance mastermind alliance partners and we got to discuss the MKMMA course and our personal lives and our personal struggles with our separate MLM businesses.  Thanks, Larry! 

Then I got excited about going to Arkansas to pick up my wife to bring her home. You see, since January 2nd she has been at her 91 year old Dad’s house helping her sister take care of him and doing some legal paperwork so they can take care of him as his mental faculties diminish.  But then there was another round of nasty winter weather and that trip had to be put off.

Then there was the historical special about the Beatles, the group that revolutionized the world of music and forever changed the world for all us who were teens or tweens during the 1963-1970 whirlwind of their carreer together.

The rest of the week I seemed to keep noticing that I was slipping back to the old blueprint, which upset me.  But then I was able to right the ship and remind myself that these thoughts and actions are not part of the new me that I am working so hard to create.  Since I was able to recognize these slip-ups, they weren’t allowed to last long.

Now I’m excited again because tomorrow I will make the 360 mile trip to Arkansas to bring my wife home for a month before she goes back for another 3 months. We do what we have to for family!

Steve Frizzell